So, I had a bit of a reorganization of my ENTIRE life this past month or so! It’s in almost every area of my life so I thought I’d share a bit of that with you and tell you what that means for my Life Beyond Surviving blog moving forward.


For the last seven months, I’ve been on a health journey that has been truly transformational. I’ve lost 30 pounds and countless inches due to my health coach, Mary. Because of that, I’ve lowered my blood pressure and increased my sleeping, and my energy. It has decreased the number of Fibro flares I’ve had and also the duration of those flares. I still have a minimal amount of energy but I’m no longer taking naps in the afternoons or getting fatigued after a shower. At least once a week, I posses the energy to blow try my hair…all of it. LOL

Unfortunately, my Essential Tremors have ramped up quite a bit. Using utensils has been especially difficult, but my daughter and son in law bought me some weighted utensils that help quite a bit. I’ve had to add a special gloves to help me in the kitchen as well. These handy little purple wonders help me avoid burning and cutting (or in this case shredding) my fingers.

During this last month or two, I’ve felt more and more that I am lead to pick up my Art of Eloquence role and move it forward. As I was noticing that the rhetoric on social media has become so angry, I began to feel called back to my communication roots. I founded a new Facebook group where I have begun hosting live workshops that speak to those who have a mission, ministry, or business but struggle with shyness or social anxiety that doesn’t allow them to move forward as they feel called.

Lastly, it has become more and more difficult to type so, I have decided that I need to take a step back from this blog for now. I will continue to update it about once a month, but I will be putting more of my time and typing energy into my business and to what I feel called to do to help God’s children find their voice.

I pray that God continue to use me and I pray you find your purpose despite the difficulties that chronic illness brings.

God bless…

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