If you’re just surviving, you need to read this!

I started the Life Beyond Surviving Facebook group about a year ago with the intention to minister to those struggling through trials as I’ve had so many different kinds issues of my own to overcome or deal with over the years. My plan was to give everyone there the benefit of my own experience-not just a post here and there and not just for one kind of issue, but for all who struggle through trials. I didn’t want this to be like any group I’d ever been a part of. I wanted it to be a place where I spent a good deal of time and effort to give folks the tools they needed to live a life beyond just surviving to find the joy again, but that would take a great deal of planning and effort on my part. I was fully prepared to give it my all.

I spent an average of 27-30 hours per week for about a year working for the group. It started with polling, planning, writing, creating, and recording the monthly webinars specifically designed around the group’s current needs. If I didn’t have enough expertise, I searched for and brought in guests who did and I spent extra time recording around their schedule to bring the group that information it said it wanted.

In addition, I uploaded several of my communication materials (that would help in trial) that I sell on our Art of Eloquence site. Members had them free. And I created and uploaded many other materials to the files section that I gathered for help with financial issues and particular health issues as well as other topics I thought would help families going through struggles. Finally, each day I spent time searching the internet and Facebook to share articles that spoke to particular struggles.

Unfortunately, I found that Facebook was showing fewer and fewer of my posts to fewer and fewer members. And that most of the members didn’t come to the group page to view the resources and posts or to interact there.

I couldn’t justify spending 27-30 hours a week there to reach only a few people–and with the addition of a few more health issues of my own, it’s even more difficult for me so I discontinued the group.

I do still feel a calling to be of help to families who are struggling so I am continuing to provide my weekly newsletter with free gifts and special offers. In addition, it now has a Families in Trial section of the free resources area that will include my Life Beyond Surviving blog posts. You can subscribe here: https://grapestuff.net/pages/grape-news

My heart is with all who struggle with financial and health issues as I have almost all my life. I pray members have gained some benefit from their time in the group and I encourage them and all others in trail to subscribe to gain the benefit of my experiences.

JoJo Tabares


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