What I learned Last year…

What I learned last year is just how much nutrition and weight can affect those of us with chronic illness. I never thought it was a good thing to be 5′ nuthin’ and almost 50 pounds overweight, but I didn’t think it had as much of an affect as it did. BUT…it wasn’t just the weight! No!

It was also what I didn’t realize about nutrition. I thought I was making good choices. I wasn’t eating large portions. I wasn’t eating a lot of junk food. I was eating mostly low carb, low fat, very little prepackaged foods with high sodium and, and was eating very few calories. In fact, my doctor never even suggested that I lose weight…and she was TRAINED IN NUTRITION!

What I learned last year is just how scientific the process of weight loss needs to be in order to get into and stay in fat burn. That’s why I never lost my peri menopause weight and that’s why I kept piling on the pounds after my hysterectomy! It’s not just what you eat, but how, and when. AND it needs to be tweaked at times as you go because everyone’s body is different and it changes as you go through the process.

But what I was most surprised about was how much good nutrition plays a part in exercise. I knew that you needed good, solid nutrition to be at your best and that would include exercise, but I had no idea I was not getting what I needed until I went through this process.

Now I know that my body needs a little more protein that most. I feel much better with more protein. I think it’s because my arms and legs and head shakes from the Essential Tremors that I use more energy during the day than most just to exist. BUT what I learned is how to get that extra protein without adding a ton of calories or other things my body doesn’t need.

This is a different process for each person. The kind of program you need may be different than it is for someone else…say your husband. It was for me and mine! The program and process is a bit different based on your health, your health goals and your individual needs and lifestyle. And that is exactly why you need a coach. I would never have gotten to this point if it had not been for my coach and that is exactly why I am so passionate about coaching!

If you’re tired of being tired, contact me! I would love to partner with you so you can reach YOUR health goals!

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