2021 Update on my weight loss/chronic illness journey

When I started my weight loss process, I was 152 lbs. For my 5′ nuthin’ frame and child sized appendages, that’s a LOT! I tried every diet known to mankind with zero results and I couldn’t do too much exercise being so tired I had to rest after taking a shower!

My mom said she plateaued before she was able to lose all her menopause weight and I found I had plateaued at 148 or so. That’s where I was for some time when (as you may remember) I had asked my doctor, who is trained in nutrition, what I should do. She suggested I limit myself to 1200 calories/day and was already at 900-1000 just eating what I usually ate. So, THAT didn’t help.

That’s when I got a health coach. She helped me tweak my eating and taught me how and what to eat for optimal weight loss (tailored to my own weird body along the way) and I was finally able to lose the weight.

My original goal was to reach my pre menopause weight of 115, but when I got there, I decided to see if I could try to get down a bit more. I’m currently maintaining a weight of about 112! I literally NEVER thought I’d see that number again on a scale I was standing on! But here I am!

I went from a size 8 to a size 2! My blood pressure went back down to my normal reading of just a tiny bit below the normal reading from being almost too high for my doctor’s comfort!

I went from taking three naps a day to NONE! And from having to rest after taking a shower and having to sit on a chair to blow dry my hair to not have a problem at all with this kind of task!

Turns out that not carrying around an extra 34 lbs makes a HUGE difference in my energy level! I had NO IDEA it would make that much of a difference. NONE! But it did!

Some other little odd victories:
1. I fit back into my daughter’s size 10/12 children’s t-shirt!

2. My engagement ring on my right ring finger spins around and the diamond is pointing to my palm most of the time. Something I had forgotten happened all the time in the winter. It’s sized correctly. It’s just that my knuckles are much thicker than the space under it for the ring. So it swings.

3. My wedding ring, which was always just a tad too big in the winter, again flies off at times.

One of the most difficult things about being this thin again is that it’s almost impossible to find size two pants in extra short! But what a lovely problem to have!

Overall, I’d have to say that I’m so excited to enter 2021 with less of me than I entered 2020 with! It not only makes me feel good to see myself in the mirror, but it makes me feel GOOD because I’m so much less fatigued!

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