What I learned about chronic illness in 2020

  • My Fatigue Got Better with More Protein
    Early last year, I figured out that the amount of daily recommended protein may be a little low for those who have fatigue…at least it was for me and some others I asked. I’m not sure if it’s the fatigue that responded to the additional protein was from Fibro or the fatigue I experience as a result of shaking involuntarily from Essential Tremors all day. Either way, I felt noticeably better having more protein in my diet and so did some others I discussed it with who also have chronic illness.
  • Excess Weight has a Great Deal of Affect on Fatigue
    As I started to lose my menopause weight last year, I found that I had more energy. It started when I realized that I hadn’t needed a nap in a while. Then, I graduated to running up the stairs without realizing I was even doing it. Later on, I found that not only didn’t I need a chair in the bathroom or to rest my elbows on the bathroom counter to blow dry my hair, but I didn’t need to rest after taking a shower. By the time I had lost 39lbs, I found that I was doing housework and cooking without much of a problem and that I could spend the weekend running up and down the basement stairs and the third level of our house all weekend without needing a week or two to recuperate.
  • I thought I Knew What Good Nutrition was, but I was Wrong
    I didn’t have issues with stress eating or portion control and I didn’t really eat junk food or with binge eating carbs. I was eating what I thought was a healthy menu, but not losing even one ounce. What I found out is that there is more to healthy eating than just not eating junk food and picking healthier food choices…a LOT more!
  • Some Symptoms of Chronic Illness Actually Improve with Better Nutrition and Weight Loss
    My fatigue wasn’t the only thing that improved with better nutrition and weight loss! I’ve been an insomniac for decades. It started off with me getting about 2hrs of sleep a night and with pharmaceutical help, I was able to get about 5 hours of broken sleep getting up a few times a night and staying up sometimes for 3 or 4 hours before I could get back to sleep for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours. After losing 39 pounds, I am now sleeping about 6-7hrs a night. I get up once or twice, but usually get right back to sleep! BIG WIN!
  • Some Symptoms of Chronic Illness Do Not Improve with Better Nutrition or Weight Loss
    While some things do indeed get better with good nutrition and weight loss, some things do not. (Contrary to what others have told us about just needing to think positively or pray more.) Sleep and energy can and do get better with better nutrition and without carrying around extra weight, but they may not totally be resolved. Also pain is much better with less weight on your joints and such, but Fibro isn’t completely resolved through these things. I still have times I get tired or have pain and I still get up a few times a night, BUT they are all much better than they used to be so it’s a win. Just not a complete fix.
  • Everyone can feel at least somewhat better without excess weight
    I was skeptical at first about how much energy I’d get back if any. After a year on my weight loss journey, I can tell you that it has been a HUGE win for me. What I learned is that it’s a big win for MANY fibro sufferers and for others with chronic illness as well. I think everyone can benefit from being at a healthy weight and I’d love to show you how you can join me in feeling better!

My husband’s married to a younger woman…

No, he didn’t exchange me for a pair of 30 yr/old’s! But I grew younger last year!

How is this possible you ask? Here’s how:

So this app I have keeps track of your metabolic age. When I began my health journey a year ago, it said my metabolic age was 61. By the time the beginning of February rolled around, I was a spry 55 year old in a 58 year old’s body!

Pretty cool, huh? My husband and I think so! I’m now married to a younger man too! He turns 59 next month and his metabolic age is now 56.

What I learned Last year…

What I learned last year is just how much nutrition and weight can affect those of us with chronic illness. I never thought it was a good thing to be 5′ nuthin’ and almost 50 pounds overweight, but I didn’t think it had as much of an affect as it did. BUT…it wasn’t just the weight! No!

It was also what I didn’t realize about nutrition. I thought I was making good choices. I wasn’t eating large portions. I wasn’t eating a lot of junk food. I was eating mostly low carb, low fat, very little prepackaged foods with high sodium and, and was eating very few calories. In fact, my doctor never even suggested that I lose weight…and she was TRAINED IN NUTRITION!

What I learned last year is just how scientific the process of weight loss needs to be in order to get into and stay in fat burn. That’s why I never lost my peri menopause weight and that’s why I kept piling on the pounds after my hysterectomy! It’s not just what you eat, but how, and when. AND it needs to be tweaked at times as you go because everyone’s body is different and it changes as you go through the process.

But what I was most surprised about was how much good nutrition plays a part in exercise. I knew that you needed good, solid nutrition to be at your best and that would include exercise, but I had no idea I was not getting what I needed until I went through this process.

Now I know that my body needs a little more protein that most. I feel much better with more protein. I think it’s because my arms and legs and head shakes from the Essential Tremors that I use more energy during the day than most just to exist. BUT what I learned is how to get that extra protein without adding a ton of calories or other things my body doesn’t need.

This is a different process for each person. The kind of program you need may be different than it is for someone else…say your husband. It was for me and mine! The program and process is a bit different based on your health, your health goals and your individual needs and lifestyle. And that is exactly why you need a coach. I would never have gotten to this point if it had not been for my coach and that is exactly why I am so passionate about coaching!

If you’re tired of being tired, contact me! I would love to partner with you so you can reach YOUR health goals!

Facebook Lives

I’ve done a few Facebook Lives this year about how my body and energy has changed since I started my weight loss/health journey. I thought I’d share them here in case you missed them. They are in chronological order.

This first one I did talked about what my couch and my stairs had in common with my weight loss/health journey:

This next video I did talked about my Aha Moment when I realized I needed to lose weight: 

And this final video talked about how much excess weight and being unhealthy had to do with my fibro fatigue: 

March is Natl Nutrition Month!

I’m doing a whole series of tips on my Facebook page in my stories and posts for National Nutrition Month. If you’re on Facebook, look me up!

I’ll have tips and ideas and probably some things you’ve not considered over there.

One Year Health Anniversary

Today marks ONE YEAR since I started my health journey! Down 38 lbs which is the EXACT weight of this 28 pack of 20 oz bottles of water! (I’m trying to smile, but…it’s HEAVY!) 😂

I’m 5’ nuthin’ and basically the size of the average 12 y/o. I wear size 3 children’s shoes, children’s gloves, and can fit in toddler size hats! So, carrying around 38 extra lbs created a LOT of energy and health consequences!

I was thin most of my life until peri menopause hit and I’ve spent 21 yrs looking for a way to get my health back! Last year I found it! And this is why I’m so excited about being a health coach! If it worked for me (with all my health issues), it can work for ANYBODY and I’d love to help you reach your health goals!

Don’t they know…

I just had to share this because it’s just too funny. Last week I shared about how my daughter and son in law got me a set of weighted silverware to keep my food in my mouth and not on the floor. Well, I just had to share how it came because I don’t think they quite understand their target market:

If your fingers shake enough that you need a set of weighted stainless steel utensils, you might want to get your husband to help you get them out of the box for you.

Yes. They come with each utensil hard wired in! Each of the two forks and spoons and the one knife comes with TWO twistie ties double twisted (yes in BOTH directions)!

If we didn’t laugh…

Essential Tremor Tips

If you have Essential Tremors, you probably have a few tips and tricks up your shaky sleeve, but I thought I’d share some of mine.

So, I’ve been posting about my health journey to inspire others to begin their own and I’d love to help you reach your health goals if you’d like someone (a coach) in your corner who’s been there.

Part of doing that means taking some selfies to post and show how my life has changed (and it has SOOOOO MUCH). Selfies are kind of hard when your hands shake but I have found a work around.

My first tip is to hold the thing requiring the most dexterity in your hand that is affected the least. For me, that’s my right hand and happily, I’m right handed. 😀

However, if I needed to do something with my right hand, I had a terrible time trying to hold the camera still and press the button so I enlisted the help of the 10 second delay. After setting the delay, you click the button to take the picture and wait the designated ten seconds. Just make sure you’re not shaking or it might turn out like this:

One way I was able to get a good picture with my left hand was to hold my arm as close to my body as possible, thereby giving it something to rest on. Since Essential Tremor is an action tremor and not a resting tremor, this works pretty well.

Ok. On to other tips I’ve found useful.

I’ve noticed that typing on a normal sized keyboard like on my laptop is a bit tricky, but not quite as difficult as typing on my iPhone or my iPad’s screen. However, if you get yourself a purple stylus, you increase your dexterity quite a lot. I guess it kind of fools your brain into thinking your finger is further away from its target thereby not increasing the rate of tremor.

The last tip I have is to use weighted utensils. I’ve been known to toss a salad on the floor and all over the counter so my daughter and son in law bought me a set of weighted utensils. Having the weight is a bit difficult to get used to at first, but it does weigh down your hand so it shakes less and keeps the olive on the spoon or fork from rolling off into your lap. Ask me how I know.

Got any Essential Tremor tips? Share.

Does your wedding dress still fit?

Mine does!

So our 34th wedding anniversary was on January 24th. After losing 36 lbs last year, I decided to take the dress out of the box to see if it still fit! I was about 103 when I first wore this dress and I’m about 111 now. I wasn’t entirely sure this was going to work, but after 34 years, I thought I’d give it a whirl!

To my utter amazement, I could get into it though I do fill it out just a tad differently than I first did. However, it’s not entirely a bad thing. 😀

Please excuse all the wrinkles (in the dress that is!), it has been through 34 years, survived eleven moves, and three states! And so have I!! ;D

My Silly Selfie Situation

Life Beyond Surviving was created to help those dealing with chronic illness or other chronic issues to deal with trials more productively by pointing them back to the joy that is often hidden inside the struggles. Part of seeing the light INside your tunnel is being able to see your difficulties as funny. Case in point:

This started off serious and quickly deteriorated into a giggle fit! So, I’ve had this outfit hanging up on the back of my closet to fit back into when I reached my goal weight. I’ve lost 36 lbs and found I could finally fit back into my jeans and size small purple flannel shirt.

I was trying to take a selfie—but things didn’t go according to plan. I have no real experience taking selfies so I stuck my iphone in my left hand so I could gesture with my right. I’m right handed and my left hand is afflicted with more of the Essential Tremors than my right. Gesturing with my left hand might have yielded some awkward results.

The following is what happened in chronological order.

By the end of this little activity, I was laughing so hard I was almost on the floor. I decided to post them as is and everyone on Facebook found it hilarious.

Clearly JoJo needs some selfie tips! Got any to share?