Step Five: Getting Out of Survival Mode

If you’re living in Survival Mode for health or financial or any other reason, you’ve probably had people share some unbelievably ridiculous solutions with you.  Either that or you’ve found them yourself by trolling the internet in search of ANY answers.  While our answers can come from the most ridiculous places, it is wise not to spend too much time, and especially money, entertaining the ridiculous solutions because they may not actually be worth it.  As I shared in my original article, some things that sound ridiculous, actually are!:

5. Don’t invest too much time or money in the ridiculous

On the other hand, some things that sound ridiculous actually are.  Don’t spend too much time or money on things that don’t work.  I only try things that show a preponderance of evidence that it works.  And I only spend money on things that are reasonable given my financial situation and that evidence.  Otherwise you’ll be a broke and busy chronically ill person.


It may sound ridiculous to spend money on a training program that helps you earn money when in financial trial because you actually need more money, but that’s exactly what worked for us.  We spent money we had, but couldn’t really afford to lose on a real estate investment program and that is what made us money when my husband first lost his job.  It sounds a bit counter intuitive, but it actually worked.  What we had to decide was if we felt this was something we could do, would do, and that it could help us earn money in the very near future.  We did and it did, even though, as it turns out the program no longer works today because the rules have changed.  It did then and that’s all that mattered at the time to make our decision.

But some things that sound ridiculous, actually ARE!  Now the hard part is to determine what is ridiculous for YOU because the very same thing that will help your friend, may not actually help you.  Your circumstances, talents, aptitudes, and situation is different from anyone else.  Only you can weigh all involved in order to come to a decision for YOU.   That program we purchased, when we purchased it, would have been completely ridiculous if we had purchased it today, or if we weren’t really able or willing to work it, or if we didn’t have the cash available at the time.  Someone else may have found real estate too risky, complicated, or in some other way problematic.

Now, if you’re living in Survival Mode, you may feel one of two ways: desperate enough to try anything or disillusioned enough that nothing seems it will help.  Each can be both a blessing and a curse.  Here’s what I mean:

If you are desperate enough that you will give the ridiculous a try, you may either find your answer hidden in an unlikely place or you may find yourself deeper in trial.  If you are desperate enough, I caution you to evaluate the ridiculous as impartially as you can, get opinions from trusted friends and family who ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION, and make sure you do your due diligence in research before you go ahead.

If you are disillusioned such that you can’t see anything working for you, you may miss out on something truly amazing, or you may, indeed, avoid a further tragedy.  My caution is the same.  Make sure you do your due diligence and research all you can find with an open mind.  Then, as open minded as you are able, weigh the costs and benefits against your situation.  Finally, get trusted friends and family to weigh in, but make sure they are friends and family who ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION.

Your answers may, indeed, come from the utterly ridiculous. On the other hand, the ridiculous is called ridiculous for other than ridiculous reasons.


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